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2009, December, VolD24

VOL.24 Cover Photo
Skilled Eagle Falconer of Mongol-Kazakh
Photographs by Takuya SOMA


My Turn-around Point [Akimitsu YOKOYAMA]

Special Articles
1 Roles of Guide Dogs in Society
  œGuide Dog Raising System and Its Problems@ [Masumi KUBO]
  œLife with Guide Dogs [Kazuyuki SHIMIZU]
  œEffects of guide dogs [Naoko KODA]
  œEducational Activities about Guide Dogs [Tomomi@ISHIGAMI]
  œCoping with the "Challenges" of Guide Dogs in JapanF@
@ Sociological Consideration of Guide Dog Diffusion
[Noriko NIIJIMA]n

  2 Invasive Alien Species and the Japan: Advance and Retreats during This Decade

œInvasive Alien Species Control Measure@@[Tomoo MIZUTANI]

  œThe Solution for the Issue of Invasive Alien Animals
@ -Conventional 10 Years and 10 Years in the Future-
@ [Shinichi HAYAMA]
  œInvasive Alien Species and Japanese People's Attitude towards Animals
@ [Katsuhiko SHOJI]
  œFree Discussion [Coordinated by Osamu ISHIDA]

  3 Changing Relations between Human and the Japanese Otter [Motokazu ANDO]

  4 Japan as the Advanced Country of Insect-eating@@[Kenichi NONAKA]

Research Paper
Influences of Reference to Pet-Loss Experience as gSyndromeh
[Yuya KIMURA, Hidenobu KAWABATA, Sumiko OSHIMA, Masaaki KATAYAMA, Masaji MAEZAWA]

A Survey of Crop Damage by Wild Boars in Hilly and Mountainous Region, Hiroshima
mRika MURAOKA, Yuki KOBA, Hajime TANIDAn

Do You Remember the Thirteen-Years-Old Boy, Sansuke? [Eiichi FUKUI]

Monthly Meeting Report
June 2009^November 2009

Book Review
Written by Hideki HAYASHIDANI, Gen WATANABE, Toshiyuki SATO, Naoko KODA, Mikako TSUSHIMA (2009)
[Yuichi TANABE]
Written by Taro YOSHIDA (2009)
[Yoshiko KATO]

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