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2009, July, Vol.23
VOL.23 Cover photo
Photographs by @Juichi YAMAGIWA AGen YAMAKOSHI BGen’ichi IDANI


My Approach to the Study of the Relationships Between Human and Animals[Kenji WAKO] …6

Special Articles
Thinking of Animals by the Local Community in Wild Animal Habitats
  Animal View and Conservation: From a History of Gorillas and Humans [Juichi YAMAGIWA] 9
  ●Images to the Bonobo (Pan paniscus) of Local People in Wamba, DRC. [Gen’ichi IDANI]  16
  ●Indigenous maneuvers for living with wild chimpanzees: Human-animal relations in West African rural landscapes  [Gen YAMAKOSHI] 22
  ●Hunter-gatherers perceptions of Animals: lion, gemsbok,monkeys [Kazunobu IKEYA] 27
  ●Free Discussion [Coordinated by Kenji WAKO] 34

A Content Analysis of Animal Depictions in TV Commercials 
[Reiko ISHIYAMA, Mitsue MATSUDA] 48

Animal Assisted Activities for Elderly People in the Geriatric Facilities: Elderly People, Care Givers and Volunteers 
[Yuki KOBA, Megumi WATANABE, Kentaro TAKAHASHI, Kennichi FUJII, Fumiaki MASUOKA, Tatsuya MIYAHARA, Shouta MOCHIZUKI, Akira HASHIMOTO, Hajime TANIDA] 60

The Position of Pets as One Kind of Goods [Yuki IWAKURA]69

Biological Diversity and Human Animal Relations:
Towards 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biologica Diversity in 2010
[Ryo KOHSAKA] 76

Amusing Tales Told of the Tiger [Eiichi FUKUI] 82

Series Essay
Series: Cohabitation with the wildlife 20<final>
Future relations between human and wildlife
[Shin-ichiro HAMASAKI] 86

Monthly Meeting Report
November 2008 /May 2009 88

About HARs
Society of the Study of Human Animal Relations Members of the Board …93

Information …94