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2009, March, Vol.22

Abstracts of the 15th Annual Meeting Society for the Study of Human Animal Relations

A Message from 15th Congress Chair [Takashi AMANO]  …2

Symposium 1
Roles of Guide Dogs in Society
3.7(Sat) 15:30 - 18:00
  ●Roles of Guide Dogs in Society
[Planned by Naoko KODA (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Coordinated by Takatoshi ANDO (Yokohama National University)] ...pp. 16
  ●Guide Dog Raising System and Its Problems
[Masumi KUBO (Kansai Guide Dogs for the Blind Association)]...pp. 17
  ●Life with Guide Dogs
[Kazuyuki SHIMIZU (All Japan Guide Dog Users Association)] ...pp. 18
  ●Effects of Guide Dogs
[Naoko KODA (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)]...pp. 19
  ●Educational Activities about Guide Dogs
[Tomomi ISHIGAMI (Nihon Institute of Medical Science)]...pp. 20

Symposium 2
Invasive Alien Species and the Japanese:
Advance and Retreats during this Decade
3.8(Sun) 15:30 - 17:30
  ●Present Problems of Invesive Alien Species 
[Coordinated by Osamu ISHIDA (Teikyo University of Science & Technology)]...pp. 22
  ●Invasive Alien Species Control Measures 
[Tomoo MIZUTANI (Ministry of the Environment)]...pp. 23
  ●The Solution for the Issue of Invasive Alien Animals
-Conventional 10 Years and 10 Years in the Future-
[Shinichi HAYAMA (Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University)]...pp. 24
  ●Invasive Alien Species and Japanese People's Attitude towards Animals 
[Katsuhiko SHOJI (Toyo University)]...pp. 25

Oral Session
3.7 (Sat) 10:00 - 12:00, 13:15 - 15:15
Chairman  Takatoshi ANDO(Yokohama National University)
  O-01 An Investigation of Hyper Behavior Self-control for Autistic Person when a Dog is Present
[Mika HATANO (Teikyo University of Science and Technology)]...pp. 28
  O-02 The Effects of Animal Therapy in Child with Autism:
Relationships between Intervention of Dog and Intention Reading (1)
[Emiko INATSUGU (Osaka College of Communication Arts)]...pp. 29
  O-03 The Effects of Animal Therapy in Child with Autism:
Relationships between Intervention of Dog and Intention Reading (2)
[Seigo TAKEHANA (Osaka College of Communication Arts)]...pp. 30
Chairman  Seigo TAKEHANA
  O-04 The Effect of System Approach by an Animal Assisted Therapy Support Network Developed for Children with School Maladaptation in Clination
[Yoshimi MATSUZAWA (Nagano Prefecture Animal Care center “Hello Animal”)]...pp. 31
  O-05 AAT at Public Hospital:
A Proposal from A Dog Instructor
[Yoshie KOGA (A Group AAT Volunteer MORATO)]...pp. 32
  O-06 A Model of AAT in MIE Prefecture:
Approach to Hospital and a Practice Manual
[Narumi IDOSAKA (A Group AAT Volunteer MORATO)]...pp. 33
Chairman Kunitate MIYAKE (Kyushu University of Health and Welfare)

O-07 A Trial and the Evaluation of the Dog Therapy in a Geriatric Health Services Facilities
[Ayako SUZUKI (Non-profit Organization for Human and Animal Welfare)]...pp. 34

  O-08 The Influence of Having a Pet to Juvenile Delinquency
[Eimi KATO (Kitasato University)]...pp. 35
Chairman Yosuke NOBUZANE (CAC Medical Technology Special School)

O-09 The Introduction of the Animal Protection Enlightenment to the Class Based on the Course of Study Attaches
[Futoshi HAMAGUCHI (Mie Prefecture Ise public health center)]...pp. 36

  O-10 About the Execution of the Enlightenment Program that Combines "It Knows the Importance of the Life" Plural Enlightenment Matters
[Kaori TANIGUCHI (Mie Prefecture Ise public health center)]...pp. 37
  O-11 Effect of Environmental Enrichment(Rabbit's Burrow) on Rabbits Kept at Kindergarten
[Takanori MIKAMI (Hiroshima University)]...pp. 38
Chairman Takuji OKUNO (Kansei Gakuin University)

O-12 For the Purpose of Decrease the Number of Exterminating Dogs and Cats
:A Report of Grass- Roots Movement in Yamanashi Pref
[Rie OHGA (University of Yamanashi)]...pp. 39

  O-13 Research on the Recognition and Image of Veterinary Technician
[Kaori YAMANOUCHI (Kansai Study Group of Animal Nursing Education)]...pp. 40
Chairman Yoshiko KATO (Freelance Writer)

O-14 Can Dogs Announce Diabetes?
[Chihiro OHNISHI (Teikyo University of Science & Technology)]...pp. 41

  O-15 People’s Attitude toward Social Acceptance of Visually Impaired and Blind People with Guide Dogs in Beijing, China
[Feirang Wang (Nihon University)]...pp. 42
  O-16 Investigation into the Attitudes of Hearing or Mobility Impaired People toward Assistance Dogs
[Mariko YAMAMOTO (Azabu University)]...pp. 43

Oral Session
3.8 (Sun) 10:00 - 12:00, 13:30 - 14:45
Chairman  Seiji KONDO (Hokkaido University)
  O-17 Effect of Therapeutic Horseback Riding on Respiratory Conditions in Children with Cerebral Palsy
[Mika TADA (Kitasato University)]...pp. 44
  O-18 Effect of Therapeutic Horseback Riding on Body Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy
[Takashi MAKUUCHI (Kitasato University)]...pp. 45
  O-19 The Effects of Horse Riding on Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorder
[Mayuko NAGASE (Azabu University)]...pp. 46
  O-20 Guidance Programs for Waiting in the Activity of Horse Back Riding
[Hiroomi KEINO(Lemon Club; Horse back Riding Club for Handicapped Children)]...pp. 47
Chairman  Dai OYA (Kyoto Women's University)
  OO-21 Why Doesn't 'Pet Loss Greif Care' Become Popular in Japan?
[Noriko FUJITA (Teikyo University of Science & Technology)]...pp. 48
  O-22 Influence of Pet Owner’s Attachment to Pets on Their Interest, Attitude and Knowledge about Pet Food
[Toshihiro HORIMI (Hiroshima University)]...pp. 49
Chairman  Yoshie KAKUMA (Teikyo University of Science & Technology)

O-23 Findings from the Survey on Rehabilitation and Athletic Training Facilities for Dogs
[Izumi YOSHIDA (Nihon University)]...pp. 50

  O-24 International Survey on the Relationship between Dogs and People
[Sayaka TOZAWA (Teikyo University of Science & Technology)]...pp. 51
Chairman  Kyoichi FUKUOKA (E-Dog Institute)

O-25 Characteristic of Animal Capital Existing in the City
[Shosaku MATSUI (Tama University)]...pp. 52

  O-26 Visual Cognition Ability of a Dog
-Can a Dog Distinguish Smiles from Blanks of People?-
[Kensuke MURAI(Azabu University)]...pp. 53
Chairman  Genichi IDANI (Kyoto University)

O-27 Investigation on the Behaviour of Wild Boars in Miyamatsu Village of Kita-hiroshima Town
[Hajime TANIDA (Hiroshima University)]...pp. 54

  O-28 Present Status of the Chinese Hedgehog Erinaceus Amurensis as an Alien Species at Ito and Odawara, Japan
[Tatsuyuki TETUYA (Tokyo University of Agriculture)]...pp. 55
  O-29 Pet Animals as Sources of Alien Species
[Motokazu ANDO (Tokyo University of Agriculture)]...pp. 56

Poster Session
3.7(Sat)-3.8 (Sun) *Poster Discussion 3.7(Sat) 12;00-13:15
Chairman  Takashi AMANO (Tokyo University of Agriculture)

P-01 The Solution of the Problems between Dog Owners and Non Dog Owners in Multifamily Housing
[Yumi SAEKI (Hiroshima Animal Care College)]...pp. 58

  P-02 A Study of Dogs’ Car Sickness
〜The Influence of Types and Location of Crates〜
[Megumi ITO (Teikyo University of Science & Technology)]...pp. 59
  P-03 A Study of Human and Dog Smile 〜Using BiankaZ and POS-02〜
[Mami YAMANAKA (Teikyo University of Science & Technology)]...pp. 60
  P-04 Qualitative Study on Daily Pet-care Process by Pet-owner. Report 1
[Keiko OGURA (Yamazaki College of Animal Health Technology)]...pp. 61
  P-05 The Factors Affecting Attitudes toward Animal Welfare
[Hiroshi YAMADA (Rakuno Gakuen University)]...pp. 62
  P-06 Equine’s Heart Rate Variability and Activity Level during Therapeutic Riding
[Jun ORIKASA (Teikyo University of Science & Technology)]...pp. 63
  P-07 Effect of Zoo Visits on the Condition of Human Health
?New Perspective of Modern Zoos?
[Rie FUKADA (Azabu University)]...pp. 64
  P-08 Why the Action about Edible Meat and the Connection with Life is Evaded ?
[Tadamasa ONISHI (Teikyo University of Science and Technology)]...pp. 65

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