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2008, December, Vol.21

Animals in Japanese Earlier ZOO [Osamu ISHIDA] …6

Special Articles
1 Pervasive Developmental Disorders and Animal Therapy
  ●Outline of Pervasive Developmental Disorder [Jun-ichi FURUSHO] …10
  ●Interacting with Dogs in Support Environment Improves Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders [Daisuke KABASHIMA] …14
  ●Availability of Horse Riding for Children with Pervasive Developmental
Disorders [Akiko SUZUKI] …18
  ●Developmental Disorders and Dolphin Assisted Activities [Masatsugu TSUJII, Chihiro KAWAKAMI, Kayo NOMURA] …24
2 Human-Pig Relationship
  ●The Daily Pig Consumption and Islam in Southeast Asia [Ken MIICHI] …30
  ●Human-pig Relationship from the Viewpoint of Animal Welfare [Daisuke KOHARI] …34
  ●Relationship Between Homo sapiens and Sus scrofa form Its Cultural and Biogical Perspectives [Yoichi SHODA] …38
  ●Free Discussion [Coordinated by Osamu ISHIDA] …45
3 People and Chimpanzees of Sierra Leone:
How They Have Been Influenced by Developed Countries
[Asami KABASAWA]  …49

Animal-Assisted Therapy for Elderly with Dementia: Decreasing Abusive Behaviors
[Namiko KAWAMURA, Masami NIIYAMA, Harue NIIYAMA] …54

Constructing a slide for Monkeys [Yoshiaki NHEI] …62
A Wrong Buddhist who Turned Into a Cattle [Eiichi FUKUI] …64

Series Essay
Series: Cohabitation with the wildlife 19
To Understand About Wildlife
[Shin-ichiro HAMASAKI] …66

Monthly Meeting Report
June/October 2008 …68

Book Review 
written by Osamu ISHIDA (2008) [Kenji WAKO] …75

About HARs
Society of the Study of Human Animal Relations Members of the Board …76

Information …78

VOL.21 Cover photo
The Dolphin! 'Fuji' and a Girl
Photographs by Akimitsu YOKOYAMA