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2008, June, Vol.20

Anthrozoology - It's perspective in Japan
[Yoichi SHODA] …6

Special Articles
  11th International Conference on Human-Animal Interactions, IAHAIO 2007 Finish report
[Mitsuaki OHTA, Yuji MORI] …10
  The characteristics of the contemporary Japanese perceptions towards animals
[Osamu ISHIDA]  …16
  Wilderness and American Attitude toward Animals
[Kenji WAKO] …20
2 HARs Special Talk-Bestiality and Zoophilia
[Andrea M. Beetz × Akimitsu YOKOYAMA] …29
3 Whaling issue viewed from experience of a whale biologist spanning for 46 years
[Toshio KASUYA]   …38

Research Papers
Acceleration analysis of the riding horse:
The efficacy of two two-track conditioning and differences between riders
[Yuki KOBA, Mitsuyo HAYASHI, Hajime TANIDA]  …42
A survey of the accessibility of assistance dogs for physically disabled persons to public facilities
[Naoko KODA, Kumiko MATSUNAKA] ] …48
The consciousness about animal experiment among biomedical researchers in Japan
: The analysis of questionnaire survey on biomedical experiments and memorial ceremony for experimental animals
[Yasuhiro OUE, Takashi NARIHIRO, Ayako KAMISATO, Hideaki SHIROYAMA, Ayako UCHIKOSHI] …66
The therapeutic and caring effect for the children with pervasive developmental
disorder through therapeutic-riding activity

[Hiroomi KEINO, Hiromi KEINO, Kenji KAWAKITA, Chihiro MIWA, Atsushi FUNABASHI] …74

Are the guarding dogs effective as wild boar crop damage control in Northern Hiroshima?
[Yuki KOBA, Hajime TANIDA, Rika MURAOKA, Masakatsu YAMAMOTO] …82

Why do experts prefer mice?
[Eiichi FUKUI]

Series Essay
Series: Cohabitatiion with the wildlife 17
Deer approaching to the top of Mt. Tsurugi
 [Shin-ichiro HAMASAKI] …92

Monthly Meeting Report
December 2007/April 2008 …94

Book Review 
written by Masayuki NAKAMICHI (2007) [Yoshikazu UENO] …96

About HARs
Society of the Study of Human Animal Relations Members of the Board …97

Information …102

VOL.20 Cover photo
Fascinated each other!

Contribute to Nozomi TSUDA
Photographs by Muyumi SHIMOYA, Yuka NAGAOKA