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2007, November, Vol.19

Communications with gravity [Emiko OTA] …6

Special Articles
1 Thinking about animal experiments
  ●Animal experimentation and animal rights [Masaki ICHINOSE] …10
  ●The Need for regulating animal experiments
: Citizens' perspective on unseen animal experiments [Fusako NOGAMI]  …15
2 The Human perception of animals in Europe and Japan
:Past and present
  ●The human perception of animals in pre-modern Europe [Shunichi IKEGAMI]  …24
  ●When RSPCA was founded
: Social reform, abolition of slavery and the sprit of protecting animals [Kumie INOSE]   …28
  ●The perception about animals in contemporary Japanese [Osamu ISHIDA]  …35
  ●Free discussion [Coodinated by Kenji WAKO]  …40
3 The transition in the perception of Dinosaur and their restration
[Narumasa HONDA]  …46

Research Papers
Effects of a dog upon impression of a photographed person
[Sadahiko NAKAJIMA, Atsuko NAKAMOTO, Yuko MIYAKE, and Hisae MOTOKAWA]  …54
Analysis of owners' attitudes toward their dogs by the PM theory of leadership
[Tomoko URATA, Sadahiko NAKAJIMA]  …67
Ability of ponies to discriminate between people
[Yuki KOBA, Hajime TANIDA] …75

Benefits of a pet on the human autonomic nervous system
[Masahiko MOTOOKA, Hiroto KOIKE, Hiroki MATSUI, Tomoyuki YOKOYAMA, Nell L Kennedy] …87

Why do experts prefer mice? [Eiichi FUKUI] …93

Series Essay
Series: Cohabitatiion with the wildlife 17
Deer approaching to the top of Mt. Tsurugi
 [Shin-ichiro HAMASAKI] …96

Monthly Meeting Report
April 2007/August 2007 …98

Book Review
written by Yoshio YAGUTI, Shuji OSEKI (2007)
[Hideo OBARA]…101
"Mit tieren leben im alter" written by M.Gang, Dennis C. Turner(2005),Japanese translation by Sumie KOTAKE(2006)
[Hiroko SATO] …102
written by Kentaro YODA (2007)
[Osamu ISHIDA] …103

About HARs
Society of the Study of Human Animal Relations Members of the Board …105

Information …106

VOL.19 Cover photo
Dog in the classroom

Photograph by Akimitsu YOKOYAMA