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2007, May, Vol.18

Look back on my life zoos [Osamu ISHIDA] …6

Special Articles
1 Companion animals affecting young children's development Current situation in Japan and US
[Frank R. Asione × Makiko OKUYAMA]  …8
2 Views about animals in Kamigata and Edo
  ●江The relation between animals and Japanese peoples on media in the Edo Period [Takuji OKUNO] …18
  ●Breeding culture of the bird in the Edo period [Hiroaki HOSOKAWA] …24
  ●Relationships between animals and humans in Kabuki and Bunraku [Masaya MORITA] …29
  ●"Kujaku Chaya" in Osaka and "Kacho Chaya" in Edo [Kenji WAKO] …33
  ●Free discussion [Coodinated by Yoshihiro HAYASHI] …38

Research Papers
The effects of riding on children with pervasive developmental disorder
[Hiromi Keino, Chihiro Miwa, Kenji Kawakita, Masanori Hosokawa, Hiroomi Keino]  …45

A study on the relationship between having pets, extraversion-neuroticism and psychosomatic symptoms
[Minae NISHIMOTO, Rika OTA, Tsuyoshi INOUE]  …52

Structual Problems of Animal Companionship Policy in Local Authorities.:Several Commnents for Making a Master Plan
[Ayako UCHIKOSHI]  …58

Brush up ecological thinking by considering the wild boar problem
[Eichi Fukui] …68

Series: Cohabitatiion with the wildlife 16
Embarrassing winter [Shin-ichiro HAMASAKI]  …68

Monthly Meeting Report
JULY 2006/February 2007 …72

Book Review
Book review of "Das Pferd der Herrn von Osten (Der Kluge Hans)"written by
Oskar Pfungst (1907), Japanese translation by Kazuko SHINNO (2007)

[Sadahiko Nakajima]  …79
Rich and varied minds of animals written by Kazuo FUJITA (2007)
[Sadahiko Nakajima]  …80
written by Tomomichi KOBATASHI (2007) [Yoshiko KATO] …81

Information …82

VOL.18 Cover photo
Bear management by NPO Picchio Karuizawa(NAGANO)

Photograph by Ayako Uchikoshi