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2006, August, Vol.17

Scenery with animals and children [Nozomi TSUDA] …6

Special Articles
●Environmental model construction and local environment education for the return of Japanese crested ibis to the wild  [Kosuke HONMA] …8
The king and the lion in ancient Mesopotamia [Chikako WATANABE] …13
Animal assisted education
  ●The multifaceted aspects of Animal Assisted Education (AAE) [Akimitsu YOKOYAMA] …20
  ●Effective animal welfare education changes children’s hearts and minds [Jasmijn de BOO] …22
  ●A Practice of Animal Assisted Education :AAE for preschool children [Hajime TANIDA, Yuki KOBA] …28
  ●The role of school-owned animals [Taro HATOGAI] …35
  ●Free Discussion [Coordinated by Akimitsu YOKOYAMA] …35
Ecological damage by animals or humans?
  ●So-called Japanese sika deer's problems  [Kengo FURUBAYASHI] …42
  ●For habitat segregation between Japanese monkeys and people [Shin-ich HAYAMA] …48

Original Papers
Breeding and delivery management of sheep and goats in the Mongolian nomadic area and the influence of socio-economic reform 
[Seishi YAMASAKI, Namsrai DUUGIIN, Joken ISHIDA, CHULTEMSURENGIIN Renchinmyadag, Akira MIYAZAKI, Batmunkh DAMDINGIIN, Masayuki KITAGAWA, Tserendulam TSEVELIIN] …61

Ethics and animal in the medieval Christianity: Thomas Aquinas and Saint Francis of Asissi [Akihiro UENOYAMA] …68

Series Essay
Series: Cohabitatiion with the wildlife 15 [Shin-ichiro HAMASAKI]  …74

Monthly Meeting Report
November 2004/June 2005 …78

Book Review
"Children and animals: Exploring the roots of kindness and cruelty" by Frank R. Ascione
[Shin-ya SANO]  …83

About HARs
Society of the Study of Human Animal Relations Members of the Board …85

Information …86