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2005, October, NO.16

I got at an actual feeling of straydogs' social life in Bhutan, Mountain Fortress of the Gods [Masayoshi GONDO]

Special Articles
1 Cultural stories of dogs and cats
  ●People who abandoned the canine worship: European natives and Indo-Europeans [Katsushige MIYATA] …8
  ●Dog-eating humans and human-eating dogs [Akira MATSUI] …10
  ●Komainu (the stone-carved guardian dog): Its beginning and “habitat segregation” [Yoshiaki KOTERA]  …15
2 What are attractive features of animals to people? Successful events in zoos
  ●Attractive animal features for people: A view of the Asahiyama Zoo [Masao KOSUGE] …21
  ●Animal rendering in zoo exhibit: Zoos as environmental designs [Kenji WAKO] …26
  ●Japanese image of favorite animals: A zookeeper’s view [Osamu ISHIDA] …33
  ●Panel Discussion [Coordinated by Osamu ISHIDA] …35
3 Asian perspectives on animals
  ●Discussion [Coordinated by Osamu ISHIDA] …44
4 Fox-possession in Japan
  ●Fox and Japanese [Teiri NAKAMURA] …61

Research Paper
Breed difference in behavioral profiles between Japanese Akita and Great Japanese Dog (American Akita) [Kaoru YAMAZAKI, Mitsuaki OHTA] …66

Does a rat thrown into the river keep swimming through to the end?
A note on “At Kinosaki” (Kinosaki Nite), a famous short story written by Naoya Shiga [Nobutaka DOE] …73

Series Essay
Series: Cohabitation with the wildlife 14.
Difference in the response of wild mammals to human [Shin-ichiro HAMASAKI] …76

Seminar Report
Work shop: New symbiosis between humans and horses. 19th May 2005 …78

Monthly Meeting Report
November 2004/June 2005 …79

Book Review
"Gorilla" written by Juichi YAMAGIWA [Yoshiko KATO] …83

Information …86