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2005, April, NOD15

Hosting the 2007 IAHAIO Conference in Tokyo [Yuji MORI] c6

Special Articles
1 Reconsideration of human-animal bond
  œ The private view about the human-animal bond [Akimitsu YOKOYAMA] c8
  œ Human-animal bond [Keiko YAMAZAKI] c17
  œ The Companion Animal Partnership Program conceived in the idea of human-animal bond [Hiroko SHIBANAI] c24
2 gFarm Animal Welfareh: Livestook health and welfare in the world and Japan
  œ World farm animal welfare? Present status and prognosis [Janice Cox] c28
  œ The characteristic respect to animal and needs for animal welfare research in Japan [Shusuke SATO] c33
  œ Animal welfare and organic livestock farming in Japan and EU [Miki NAGAMATSU] c38
  œ Animal health and welfare in beef cattle ranch management [Choichi UJIMOTO] c45
3 Inter-sector relationship in solving animal issues:
Industry-academia-public-private cooperation in the community
  œPanel Discussion [Coordinated by Mitsuaki OHTA] c56

Research Papers
1 Childrenfs understanding of the ganimal mindsh of rabbits,turtles and goldfish [Ayuko FUJISAKI] c66
2 Folk taxonomy of bovine livestock in the Tibetan tribes:A case in Shang-ge-li-la prefecture,Yunnan,China
[Takayoshi YAMAGUCH] c74
3 Relationship between zoo visitorsfinterest in animals and their behavior in front of animal exhibits

What do children learn through animals kept at elementary school?:
The importance of recognizing human-animal relationships
[Yumi HIROSECYasuo MASUZAWA] c66

Series Essay
Series:Cohabitation with the wildlife 13.
Unusual appearance of bears. [Shin-ichiro HAMASAKI] c90

Monthly Meeting Report

Book Review
gResurrection of a dead pandahwritten by Hideki ENDO [Koji UETSUKA] c95

About HARs
Society for the Study of Human Animal Relations Members of the Board c96

Information c98