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2004, August, NO.14

Symbiosis between human and animals[Shusuke SATO] …6

Special Articles
Can we prevent problem behavior of dogs?
●Mechanism of behavior development: nature or nurture? [Yuji MORI]  …10
●Behavior problem"vaccination":Puppy Training [Kaori MURATA] …26

Reseach Papers
・Spectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability before and after Equitation
 [Akihiro MATSUURA, Nana TAKITA, Hiroshi HATA, Seiji KONDO] …32
・Dog walking and the community [Haruna MIYAMURA, Kenichi NONAKA] …37
・Opinions on Accepting Guide Dogs in Hospitals [Naoko KODA, Yutaka HIGASHI] …44
・The management and logic of nursing/fostering lambs and kids in Mongolian pastoral systems
 [Seishi YAMASAKI, Namsrai Duugiin, Joken ISHIDA、 Akira MIYAZAKI] …50
・Visitors' staying time and behavior at the zoo exhibits of four nonhuman primates
 [Takashi SUGIMOTO, Masayuki NAKAMICHI, Toshihiko HINOBAYASHI, Tetsuhiro MINAMI] …58

・Some cattle restraint methods in Africa [Mutsuyo KADOHIRA]  …64
・Rare animals and activities of veterinarians:
Effort by the Tsushima Leopard Cat Protection Council of the Federation of Veterinary Associations in Kyushu [Atsushi SUGITANI] …66

Readers' Square
Event Information …69

Series Essay
Series: Cohabitatiion with the wildlife 12.
Spreading distribution in mammals  [Shin-ichiro Hamasaki ] …70

Book Review
[Seiji KONDO] …73

Monthly Meeting Report
May 2003 - November 2003 …74

Bylaws of the Society for the Study of Human Animal Relations
Members of the Board   …80

Infromation …86