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2004, MARCH, NOD13

Death of Animal/Human and Inter-Ethinic Murder yKatsuyoshi Fukuiz

Special Article 1
So many dogs, so many "minds": Beyond "Nature or Nurture"
œSearch for genes affecting behavioral traits yMiho Murayamaz
œ"Nature AND Nurture" of behavioral traits: Interactions of genes and enviroments yTakefumi Kikusuiz
œFree Discussion yCoordinated by Fumio Imotoz
Special Article 2
Cattle and we: Animal welfare through deep man-cattle relationship
œThe fate of cattle/humans: Life and death in a pastoral society yKatsuyoshi Fukuiz
œCowherds in Yanbaru, the northern part of Okinawa Island yMasaru Takadaz
œChange of husbandry and management techniques: From "management" to "comfort"yShusuke Satoz
œFree Discussion yCoordinated by Tomoya Akimichiz
Special Article 3
Gambles and animals: Culture and welfare
œ"Bonds" between beetles and people: Beetle fight in northern Thailand yKenichi Nonakaz
œTharoughbred and Japanese yRyo Kusunosez
œThe bullfight in Uwajima district, with special attention to actors yNao Ishikawaz
Special Article 4
Human-animal relation studies: Domestic and foreign affairs
œPerspective of human and animal interactions in Japan yYoshihiro Hayashiz
œPerspective of human and animal interactions in Europe and North America yDennis C. Turnerz
œFree Discussion yCoordinated by Tomoya Akimichiz

Original Paper
EEffect of sex, breed and development on the behavioral assessment of potential guide dogs yNaoko Koda, Hiroaki Furuhashiz
EManagement of sheep and goats with regard to low temperatures in the mongolian nomadic area under socio-economic reform ySeishi Yamasakiz

Measurement of three-dimensional acceleration at the withers of a horse and at the waist of the rider, and the heart rate and the respiratory rate of the rider using ambulatory data loggers yKanji Matsui, Keiko Okamoto and Ken-ichi Takedaz

Series: Cohabitation with the wildlife 11.
Efforts in early huntion season yShin-ichiro Hamasakiz

The National survey of the Public's Views on Animals, 2003

Book Review
"We want to know dolphin: Their minds and communications" yYoshikazu Uenoz