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2003, JULY, NOD12

Tama-chan In Wonderland
|The Nyth of "Conservation Whales" yTakuji Okunoz

Special ArticleE1
Can We Desist from Meat-eating?
From a Viewpoint of Primatology ySuehisa Kurodaz
From a Viewpoint of Crop Science yRyuichi Ishiiz
From a Viewpoint of Cultual Anthropology yJunzo Kawadaz
Free Discussion yCoordinated by Yoshihiro Hayashiz
Special ArticleE2
Philosophy of Animal
Philosophy of Animals yToshitaka Hidakaz
Philosophy for Animals yHideo obaraz
Free DiscussionyCoordinated by Takuji Okunoz
Special ArticleE3
When Animals Came into the Mind of Mankind
Who Was the Earliest Dog Keeper, Neanderthal or Sapiens ? yKazuro Haniharaz
Why Did Dogs Migrate with Men? yYuichi Tanabez
Felines but not Canines in the Drawings: A Note on the Drawings of Eraly Mankind yKatsushige Miyataz

A Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Treated by Animal Assisted Therapy yMasahiro Takanoz

Series: Cohabitation with the Wildlife 10.
The Breathing of Life
yShin-ichiro Hamasakiz

Book Review
"Pet-Oriented Child Psychotherapy"
written by Boris M. Levinson and Gerald P. Mallon,
translated by Yutaka Azuma and Kazuyosi Matsuda yFumiko Odaz
"Humans and Animals: Our Relationships to Wild Animals, Farm Animals, and Family Animals"
written by Yoshihiro Hayashi, Seiji Kondo, Seiki Takatsuki yNiwako Ogataz


  A Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Treated by Animal Assisted Therapy
Masahiro Takano
Coloproctology Center, Takano Hospital/ 4-2-88 Obiyama Kumamoto-shi Kumamoto,862-0924 JAPAN
@@This article reports a case of successful animal-assisted therapy applied over a period of three months for a 53-year old female patient with severe rheumatoid arthritis. She could not move even an inch of her extremities. The therapy started with physical exercises of moving her own elbows and@finger joints in order to feed dogs and a cat of the hospital. Step-by-step training introduced for other body joints gradually cured her overall conditions, and finally she attained the goal of moving every joint of her extremities and walking by herself. The therapeutic success was also shown in improvement of her Activities of Daily Living Scores.
[keyword: Animal-Assisted Therapy, Rehabilitation, Chronic Arthritis, Rheumatoid]